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About Product

Our Scope Batteries are the ideal choice for powering your Own brand Vehicle. With a long-lasting life and superior performance, these batteries are perfect for a wide range of applications. Our batteries come with a comprehensive warranty and are designed to handle extreme climate conditions. All in all, these batteries provide reliable and efficient power for your vehicle.



  • Calcium technology to ensure total Maintenance-free performance with minimum self-discharge.

  • Factory wet charged batteries with better performance and higher reliability.

  • Longer lasting Service in Hot and Cold Weather.



  • Special design top lid to prevent acid leakage with flame arrestors.

  • Heavy duty terminal construction, total resistance to oxidation.

  • Foldable Handles for ease of handling and installation.



  • Advance breather system to help prevent pressure build-up inside the battery and helps minimize the risk of explosion from externally generated sparks.

  • Liquid gas separator design allows recirculation of acid back into the battery reducing the risk of acid starvation.

  • Advanced Polypropylene casting, computer controlled heat injection, light weight plastic resin, moulded to improve impact resistance.

  • Polyethylene Envelope separators provide enhanced cranking power through minimized electrical resistance and longer life through better puncture and tear resistance.

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